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A Little About Us

Our motto is “Built with Quality and Integrity” and our plumbing specialists start and complete each job with that in mind.
That is why we have earned so many 5 Star Reviews.

EPW Services has solved emergency and common plumbing problems for over 40 years. We work with home owners and commercial and industrial businesses.

While we have the resource to handle just about any plumbing problem, we came to Austin responding to the growing need for whole house repipe on the area’s older homes.

We average up to three repipes per week!

Our repipe system let us handle the task quickly and affordably while keeping the need for patching sheetrock to a minimum.

Some of our other services we offer are:

Is your house over 40 years old?

Are the pipes made from galvanized steel? Galvanized pipes over 40 years old probably are severely corroded in the Austin area. - Austin and the surrounding area don’t really have galvanized as much as Houston. They mostly have copper or Kitec. Kitec is more severe of an issue than copper; although copper does age and eventually need to be replaced.

PEX is more durable and longer-lasting than copper. A lot of people in Austin were hit with one of the main critical failures of copper due to the freeze. PEX is designed to flex with the adjusting temperature. So while customers did have water freeze they didn’t have their pipes burst and flood their house like those with copper.

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Some Recent Work in Austin

New Pex Piping

Finishing A Bathroom Remodel

Navien Tankless Water Heater

What Clients Say About Us

We quickly ranked among their top contractors and we work hard to stay on top. We do this because word of mouth and referrals are the best advertising for EPW Services. Below is what a few of our customers took the time to say about our work to Home Advisor.

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